Promoting positive behaviour and excellent attendance is the responsibility of the whole school community. The school will promote positive behaviour and good attendance through its use of curriculum and learning materials. Good attendance and behaviour by pupils will be recognised appropriately. All pupils should be at school, on time, and every day the school is open, unless the reason for the absence is unavoidable.

Data on school attendance targets and performance is available through the Compare School Performance service here.




Child Missing in Education

We’re committed to ensuring every child in our school has the opportunity to grow up in a safe community.

A Child Missing in Education (CME) is described as “any child of compulsory school age (5 – 16) who is not on a school roll, nor being educated otherwise (eg, at home, privately, or in alternative provision) and who as been out of any education provision for a substantial period of time (four weeks or more).”

If a child is missing school, this not only impacts on their potential achievement but also raises concern about their safety and welfare.  Our job is to ensure that ‘no child slips through the net’ and we chase up any unexplained absences.

Please note, it is a parents’ responsibility to inform school about changes to their details, plans to move away or to change schools.

For further information, please see Derbyshire’s policy on CME here.