Our School Day

In This Section…


  • Morning session      9.00am – 12 noon  
  • Afternoon session  12.15pm – 3.15pm  



  • 9.00am  – 11.45am   12.45pm  – 3.15pm


Years Y1-Y2

9.00am  – 12 noon      1.00pm  – 3.15pm


Years Y3-Y6

9.00am  – 12.15pm     1.15pm  – 3.15pm


Arriving at School

Doors open at 8.50am to admit the children into school. Please ensure that children are not left on site unsupervised before this time. 

There are two entrances to the school, the main entrance on Peacroft Lane (open from 8.45am to 9.15am and 3.10pm to 3.40pm) and a second entrance on Avon Way (open from 8.45am to 9.15am and 3.00pm to 3.40pm) . Children unaccompanied by adults who are accessing the site from Avon Way should enter school past the bike shelter and then through the courtyard in front of the Acorn Block. If children are accompanied by an adult they should use the footpath along the school drive. 

Please leave all bikes and scooters in the bike shelter which is situated at the top of the school field. 

Please be aware that all scooters and bikes are left on the school premises entirely at the owners’ risk. Bikes and scooters should only be ridden on the designated route (between the bike shelter and the Avon Way Gate only). 


The End of the School Day

At the end of the school day, at 3.15pm, children in Year 1 from the Y1 playground, Years 2 – 5 should be collected from the front playground by a parent/carer or an after school club organisation (please avoid causing any congestion at the front playground gates). The children will be brought to the front playground by their class teacher. 

Reception children should be collected from the Reception playground. 

Year 6 children will be dismissed from their class and allowed to make their own way home. 

Any parents who wish their children in year groups 4 & 5 to make their own way home or to be met at the Avon Way gates MUST provide a written request to their teacher.